woensdag 17 maart 2010

Corner View, front door

As one of the last cities in The Netherlands, Middelburg can also be visited with Googgle Streetview. I thought I'd try to show you our front door using that, but no such luck.....
I did find my parents front door

Grotere kaart weergeven

Another front door where I spent a lot of my time is this one

Grotere kaart weergeven

Liam's school (Waldorf School) which also happens to be the school I went to as a child. Needless to say I came trhough that front door a lot in my life!

More Corner View at Jane's

2 opmerkingen:

Daan zei

ha, wat wonderlijk dat google view, ook een beetje scary ergens maar wel een goeie voordeur! -x-

likeschocolate zei

I should check to see if my front dooe is on the map. How amazing!